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In case you missed our CD on the CD Sales page...:-)
Indie Acoustic
Two Guitars, One Heart was chosen as the Best CD of the Year in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2007" Instrumental Awards category. We're honored. Thank you to
Minor 7th
It's all about good (to great) guitar music- i.e., Guitarmania! A couple of these mostly instrumental guitar sites have popped-up. That's a Good Thing.
Guitar 9
Nice to be #1 Most Popular. Yep, our CD is listed at #1 Most Popular in three categories (Acoustic, Folk and World- of all things). We are #37 overall. Guitar music only! A large selection of artist CD's, MP3's featuring guitar. Skewed toward electric/contemporary. You can vote for your fav tracks and see what's popular with other guitarists. And you can buy here since you won't find any of these CD's at Walmart.
The Sixty One
This online radio-like playlist site is all about the "bumps;" if people like your music, they "bump you." Start bumping, folks!
Nicely designed indy music listening (i.e. internet "playlist radio") site.
Check this site out for gear and other breaking news about all things (mainly electric) guitar.
Basically you create your own radio station "Playlist" online from favorite artists or others in similar genres. Clever, works well. And, it's free.
Vote Here: Online Music Democracy!
Two of our debut CD's tunes are posted at this interesting fan-based online site for popular voting. It's a new virtual reality version of "Battle Of The Bands.” We're not exactly "a band" but a "Band Of (musical) Brothers" we are; what the heck - Vote for us anyway...I posted a couple tunes in the "acoustic" genre here, which is as close as this site gets to an instrumental category. There are only a small handful of on-line music fan/download/ listening sites that even have a category for all us musicians who primarily compose instrumentals. How difficult would it be to provide a "sans-vocals/all-instrumental" category? There are a LOT of great musicians out there that would appreciate a better-defined categorization for their music, regardless of the sub-genres. Let's hope this changes in time...
Indie site with high-quality downloads and CD sales
Streaming and downloads
Another Digital Download place
This is "Digstation" - affiliated with DiscMakers
Yet another online listening option...
IAC Music
Another Indie Site that features radio station-type playlisting
Another social networking, music-based web listening post.
Streaming, downloads. Charts and promo services for musicians.
Electronic Press Kit - A new music site to explore
Another digital download option
House Concerts
House Concerts In Your Home listing
Indie music listening station
The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association
All Things "Dobro"- more accurately "resonator guitar." A really good, active forum site with lots of valuable information for guitarists who like to play on their lap with a metal bar!

Musical Friends You'll Want To Check Out

Producer/musician Gregg Perry
Our esteemed producer for the Two Guitars One Heart CD. Gregg has the chops- and the heart- to help musical artists present their best. He's good on the technical details of the recording processes too, but doesn't let this get in the way.
Arnaldo Lopez
Don't let the name fool you. Arnaldo is Dutch. His solo acoustic guitar composition and virtuoso playing is magnificent.
Bill Leff (
Bill is a great steel player, acoustic and electric. Check his stuff at this link. He lives (and plays) in one of my "old home towns"- Santa Cruz, California. Fellow steel player/crazy man Bob Brozman lives in this part of the world too (and David Lindley did at one time I'm told). Must be the water. More likely, the surf. Santa Cruz is one of the world's nicest spots to live- and raise a family, which I did until the 7.6 "San Francisco quake of 1989" gave me a message (the Loma Prieta monster quake's epicenter was a mere 8 miles from my home in the nearby mountains). The city of Santa Cruz was devastated and took many years to come back to life-but it did, changed, but back. Not too many people even know where it's even located; too bad it still sits waaaay too near the San Andreas fault for me...I'd still be there otherwise.
Canada's Blue Island Trio
A nice trio featuring the distinctive Weissenborn guitar sound(s) and good players!
Darin Leong's Guitar Music
Nice mix of Hawaiian slack-key and other acoustic guitar music. Darin's been nominated for a 2008 HOKU Award in the category of Instrumental CD. Congrats Darin.
The Goldebriars
Mostly a fun retro-60's site for fans of the 60's music group of which Ron Neilson was a member, a lifetime ago! The site has been created and is maintained by musical Goldebriars pal vocalist/writer - Dotti


Celtic Cross Guitars
Weissenborn Guitar Luthier Neil Russell's site. Neil is in BC, Canada and his baritone Weissenborn is a very special, "signature sound" instrument on our Debut CD.
Master Luthier Dave King
Dave's web site; he's based in Reading, England and handcrafts exquisite-looking and sounding guitars. Ron's custom Weissenborn "King" guitar is a primary composing and recording instrument.
Tim Scheerhorn Information
Tim is back-ordered for his superlative resonator guitars about 5 years and I suspect doesn't have the time (or inclination) to maintain a web site. This link will take you to a fairly recent article from Acoustic Guitar magazine some may find interesting. If you want to contact Tim (to get on a waiting list perhaps), you can; his contact details are at the end of the article.