2008 Hawaiian Music Awards Nomination for Best Engineered CD (HOKU) 

Two Guitars One Heart has been selected as one of five finalists for the Best Engineered CD of 2008. Congratulations to our producer/engineers, Gregg Perry at Perryscope/Pecktunes, Charles Brotman at Palm Records (both of Big Island- Hawaii) and mastering ace, Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Mastering of Nashville!

Best Instrumental CD of 2007! 

Two Guitars, One Heart was chosen as the Best CD of the Year in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2007" Instrumental Awards category We're honored. Thank you to: www.indieacoustic.com. An excerpt from my acknowledgment letter to Indie Acoustic: "... As we all know, attempting to create art, something larger than ourselves that has a life of it's own isn't about money - or status. It never works that way. It's about communicating with other human beings, soul-to-soul, whether by a palette…

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Best Instrumental CD of 2007 Finalist. We're Honored! 

Two Guitars One Heart is a finalist in the Indie Acoustic Project's Best CD's of 2007! The Indie Acoustic Project is dedicated to giving recognition to independently produced, outstanding works of innovative acoustic (or mainly acoustic) music. The IAP website also features information on the 50 Best Indie Acoustic CDs of the 1990s, and the annual Best CDs of the Year awards Check them out at www.indieacoustic.com. Click on "the finalists" link and scroll down to "Instrumental" to find Neilson and…

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Whoo-Hoo!!! Our 2007 Early Xmas gift! 

The Guitar9 Records website (www.guitar9.com/twoguitarsoneheart.html) lists our "Two Guitars" debut CD as #1 in a list of 50!...in no less than three (3) distinct music categories of Acoustic, Folk - and World. The CD's "double bullet" status is noted as "Blazing"- in all three categories. Phew. Our Two Hearts debut CD has been available on the site since November 24. That's about 2 weeks Many thanks to all the guitarists out there for listening (and appreciating) our heartfelt work. We have no doubts we…

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Recording Session Instrument Notes 

John Bellar played a Wechter Scheerhorn resonator guitar and a custom Weissenborn guitar crafted by Tim Scheerhorn Ron Neilson played a custom Dave King Weissenborn guitar and a Celtic Cross baritone Weissenborn guitar. The baritone Weissenborn is a 30" scale instrument and all other guitars are normal 25" scale. The unique combination of the differently scaled instruments combined in many alternate (and dissimilar) tunings on nearly all the duo's music arrangements helps create the signature sound.…

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The first CD release for the guitar duo of John Bellar & Ron Neilson is entitled: "Two Guitars, One Heart." It features the unique blend of Weissenborn and resonator acoustic lap-style guitars. Acoustic bass was also used on a majority of the 15-track, 54- minute long album. All tracks are original compositions by the duo. The album was recorded in Waimea, Hawaii (Big Island) in 2006 with Gregg Perry producing for Peck Tunes. Charles Michael Brotman engineered. Tracking was done at Lava Tracks…

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