Best Instrumental CD of 2007!

Two Guitars, One Heart was chosen as the Best CD of the Year in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2007" Instrumental Awards category. We're honored. Thank you to: An excerpt from my acknowledgment letter to Indie Acoustic: "... As we all know, attempting to create art, something larger than ourselves that has a life of it's own isn't about money - or status. It never works that way. It's about communicating with other human beings, soul-to-soul, whether by a palette and brush, or - by the intertwined melodies, harmonies and counterpoint of two voices emanating from lap-style acoustic steel guitars. That our music, our art, can reach out now and touch others in the same way that it touches John and I personally, this is a Great Blessing from the Universe, the source of all creativity. Thank you ( for honoring us, for presenting and recognizing this most heartfelt, first CD. How rewarding."

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